The sweet Holsteen

“Allie is gentle and loves to
kiss on Evan and Bruce”

Sweet hay for sweet Allie …

Want to buy me
some hay or grain?

Allie, the sweet Holsteen!

It is from kind people’s actions that we can shift bad outcomes and make change for farmed animals. Allie was so lucky to meet Virginia, a lovely woman who reached out to Ashley from The Farm Sanctuary to help save a beautiful eleven year old dairy cow that was soon to go to slaughter. Ashley reached out to us and we had a “room” available.

Since beautiful Allie has been here she has gained a little weight, she has had a hoof problem but we are working with our vet and hoof trimmer to get her better. She is gentle and loves to kiss on Evan and Bruce, she even gets a little giddy with them. That makes our hearts explode with happiness!

Meet my other friends


Hi, I’m Belle – the Gentle Protector


Hey, I’m Ethan – the Hugging Unicorn


Hi, I’m Cara – the Leader of the Pack


I’m Grady – the Playful Blond


Dolphin, Pink Girl


Brody – also known as Chicklets


Hi, I’m Tallulah aka ‘Rodeo’

Beanie Tofu

Beanie Tofu, the other Pink Girl


Hi, I’m DJ – Piggy Wiggy


Cody was our handsome gentle giant

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