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It was divine timing when we met Kim as she was just embarking on her own journey with her new Sanctuary Tour podcast series. […]


We have many friends who have helped to get the word out about our sanctuary and our mission for change in rules and regulations concerning farmed animals, picked up poo and many who have given time and professional assistance. […]

Happy Birthday Boys!

We want to wish the boys the Happiest Birthday and for them to live out their lives in peace and joy. […]

What the hay?

“Well not only hay, they also enjoy fresh grass, apple and oat cookies and mineral licks as well…” […]

Sanctuary Love!

Our team is building a place where these girls can live out their best pig lives!! […]

Haircuts while it’s hot!

Summer has finally arrived and the beautiful weather here in the Northeast has been sensational. […]

The Cow Whisperer

“I never knew how intelligent, affectionate and amazing pigs were. In fact I had zero knowledge of pigs at all! […]

Pig News! [ FARM UPDATE ]

We are currently planning on building a pig barn so that ‘Little’ Beanie Tofu and Dolphin can join the JP Farm Animal Sanctuary family. […]

Spring, mud & hips…oh my!

Spring has arrived and everything is beginning to blossom, which makes all the furry residents at JP Farm Animal Sanctuary happy! […]

The arrival of Tallulah! …

“I never knew how intelligent, affectionate and amazing pigs were. In fact I had zero knowledge of pigs at all! […]

Hip Dysplasia and our Scottish Highland cows

“The main factors about the animals we rescue is that they are either coming from less desirable situations, whether they were abused, not well cared for or have disabilities […]

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