Ronnie & Bernie

Our feathered friends

“On the day Ronnie and Bernie were to arrive we were very excited to meet them.”

We’ll be best friends forever …

Want to buy us
some corn or grain?

We are Ronald & Bernie, ready to gobble for you all day.

Oscar had wanted to save turkeys since we started JP Farm Sanctuary because one of our first encounters was at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary a long time ago. As we entered we saw a very big turkey coming toward us and he had all his feathers fanned out to show us how beautiful he was. We were a bit apprehensive since we hadn’t met a turkey before, but once close we started to understand him right away – he was amazing.

So when we first connected with the Farm Animal Sanctuary’s Adoption Network concerning two turkeys that needed a home we started researching how to care for turkeys! On the day Ronnie and Bernie were to arrive we were very excited to meet them. Once we took them into their barn and opened up the cages for them to come out and saw how beautiful they were and how calm we were relieved. You never know how transporting animals will affect them as it can be very traumatic.

Bernard is a beautiful soft black turkey who can be shy but when it comes to food he opens up and will eat right out of your hand! He also talks a lot in a sweet voice and since we are getting to know him, we are trying to figure out exactly what he is saying.

Ronald on the other hand opens his beautiful brown and off white feathers for viewing. When you sit with him he slowly dances around you till he gets really close. Then he will let you rub his keel (his tummy) for a bit. His head turns many colors, more than Bernard, this usually demonstrates his mood.

Meet my other friends


Hi, I’m Belle – the Gentle Protector


Hey, I’m Ethan – the Hugging Unicorn


Hi, I’m Cara – the Leader of the Pack


I’m Grady – the Playful Blond


Dolphin, Pink Girl


Brody – also known as Chicklets


Hi, I’m Tallulah aka ‘Rodeo’

Beanie Tofu

Beanie Tofu, the other Pink Girl


Hi, I’m DJ – Piggy Wiggy


Cody was our handsome gentle giant

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