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The mission of Compassionfest is to unite like-minded people that believe in the values of being just, kindness, equality and compassion. CompassionFest.net

Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary fights the disastrous effects of animal agriculture on animals, the environment, social justice, and public health through rescue, education, and advocacy. FarmSanctuary.org

G-Zen Restaurant

G-Zen is an organic, vegan, sustainable restaurant designed to meet the discriminating tastes of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. G-zen.com


Swich is a new product powered by Rouxbe, the world’s leading online cooking school. TheBigSwich.com

Britt Bosse Photos

I primarily photograph rescued animals and I offer free photography services for vegan, non-profit animal sanctuaries. BrittBosse.com

love and liberation

It means so much to me that I can help people start conversations about veganism just by wearing this jewelry ❤️
Visit shop

Joel Anderson Photography

I’m a Pennsylvania-based photographer working in classic film and darkroom techniques. Read: Through the Lens of Compassion
Visit: JoelAndersonPhoto.com

Hyde Nor Hare

Vegan soy candles hand poured in Connecticut. HydeNorHare.com

Agriventures Agway

The place to shop for all of your pet and wild bird needs.
Visit: agwayct.com

Trupo Treats

Vegan milk chocolate company based in Gainesville, FL. Donating 25% of profits to animal sanctuaries. Owned by the Veggie Brothers. TrupoTreats.com

Plant Strength

Founded in February 2019, our mission at Plant Strength is to Defy The Status Quo and prove what’s possible through the power of plants!

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

We love to celebrate moms around the world and in every species. […]