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posted by Britt Janssen & photographer Joel Anderson | Apr 30, 2020

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Last autumn we received a message from Joel Anderson requesting to come to JP and photograph the hippy kids for his sanctuary collection (the resident Scottish Highland Cows and steers). We were excited to invite him over but for many reasons we just couldn’t schedule the right time between our calendar and the weather. In late February Joel contacted us again and we found a date for him to come in the beginning of March. Here is his experience…

S ince I began my Sanctuary project several years ago I’ve photographed at many rescues around the country. JP Farm Animal Sanctuary had been on my most wanted list since I saw their Instagram pics of the magnificent Hippy Kids, and I was able to squeak in a visit just before COVID-19 shut down travel.

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“… This is a very special place and some very lucky animals.”

The phrase ‘gentle giants’ is overused but I can’t think of a better description for the highland cows at JP. During my day there I was able to get up close and personal with Tallulah, Grady, Ethan, Cara, Belle, and the sweet pigs Beanie Tofu, Dolphin, and DJ. I used a Hasselblad medium format film camera for most of the photographs, and have produced a new collection of handprinted darkroom photographs, now available on my website All are limited editions, and I donate 10% of each sale back to JP Farm Animal Sanctuary. There is even a photograph of caretaker Britt grooming Tallulah, titled Tallulah’s Spa Day. When I posted that image on social media I had people telling me that would be their dream job so I thought offering an image to purchase would be a happy reminder.

Spending the day there and seeing the immense love and care that Lynn, Oscar, and Britt have for the animals was incredible. This is a very special place and some very lucky animals.

My photographs have received awards from the Royal Photographic Society (London), the Center for Fine Art Photography (Colorado), the Carnegie Museum of Natural History (Pennsylvania), among others. I exhibit my work at juried fine art festivals around the country.
– Joel

“Spending the day there and seeing the immense love and care that Lynn, Oscar, and Britt have for the animals was incredible. This is a very special place and some very lucky animals.”

Tallulah’s Spa Day ❤

Food and medical for the animals

We had a great time with Joel and appreciated how he captured the beauty and personalities of the furries and pinkies. Please consider purchasing a framed photograph of either Cara, Belle, Tallulah, Grady, Ethan, Beanie, Dolphin or DJ through this link: As Joel mentioned 10% of the purchase will go directly to JP which means food and medical for the animals whenever you decide to buy. He is also offering a 10% discount for you personally, if purchasing by May 30, 2020. Use this code at checkout: JPFARM

Joel does his own developing and framing which are expertly created and with a lot of care! Some of the pictures in this blog are not on his website so simply let Joel know which ones you are interested in by emailing him:

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Love to All Beings,
Britt, Lynn, Oscar & the JP Farm Animal Sanctuary Family

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