Happy Mother’s Day

posted by Britt Janssen | May 14, 2023

We love to celebrate moms around the world and in every species.

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Mother’s day is so special for us at JP.

We love to celebrate moms around the world and in every species. At the sanctuary we have 5 beautiful moms to honor: Mozza, our Duroc pig; Tallulah, our Scottish Highland cow; Allie, our Holstein cow; Copper our Jersey & Holstein mix and Lynn our ‘human mother’ to all of the fur and feathered residents at JP.

Allie sharing her motherly wisdom with Rudy the rooster.

All of these resident moms show us their love and compassion even though they never had the opportunity to nurture or to be with their own babies, the motherly instinct comes out to the rest of us through licks, kisses, snuggles, protective, and familial behavior. We can learn so much from how they care for eachother and the rest of the residents and certainly through Lynn’s dedicated caregiving to all the beings that call JP their home.

Copper adoring Ethan.

Would you like to support or sponsor these Moms for Mother’s Day? Please donate in any of the ways through our Website, PayPal, Venmo or Patreon in this link: Together, with you, we hope to inspire compassionate living for the animals, our health and for our environment.

Tallulah accepting kisses from Ethan.

With loads of love for all moms,
Britt and the JP Family

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  1. Linda Blakely

    I live near Milton and am wondering where you’re located? Tried to sign up for your newsletter, but I don’t think your site accepted my email address.


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