The Brooklyn 6

Our feathered friends

“The best thing is when the hens run toward us when we come into the gate and greet us with such enthusiasm…”

We’ll be best friends forever …

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We’re Sunshine, Joy, Isabella, Savannah, Rene & Hope.

The newest lights of our lives at JP Farm Sanctuary! It’s easy to forget these guys are still babies, as they’ve been through so much already. From factory farms to transport trucks; crates in city streets to one of our caretakers, basement, and now, finally, they have made it to their permanent home.

In anticipation of their arrival, Oscar, renovated the chicken barn to accommodate the 6 new residents and got it looking perfect for them. The hens are settled in and enjoy meeting up with some of the other residents (Victor, Ava, Ronnie and Bernie) through the fence to have a bit of a bird chat. They now have their very own warm, cozy house, plenty of space to potter about in the grass and even a dirt patch to give themselves dirt baths!

The best thing is when the hens run toward us when we come into the gate and greet us with such enthusiasm, our hearts are filled with joy knowing that they can live a happy, free life!

Together with my friends we enjoy life on the farm and love eating lots of corn, fruits and seeds. Would you like to help me out with a donation of any kind? That would make us all so happy and we would be very grateful. ?

Meet our other friends


Hi, I’m Belle – the Gentle Protector


Hey, I’m Ethan – the Hugging Unicorn


Hi, I’m Cara – the Leader of the Pack


I’m Grady – the Playful Blond


Dolphin, Pink Girl


Brody – also known as Chicklets


Hi, I’m Tallulah aka ‘Rodeo’

Beanie Tofu

Beanie Tofu, the other Pink Girl


Hi, I’m DJ – Piggy Wiggy


Cody was our handsome gentle giant

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