Meet Brody

Scottish Highlander

“I like it when Lynn comes to talk to me. She is very kind and funny.”

Brody and his mother, Belle

Want to buy me some hay?

Hey, I’m Brody – also known as Chicklets

Why do they call me Chicklets? It’s kind of embarrassing but the humans tell me my bottom teeth look like chicklets gum. I’m the oldest of the boys and I love to be brushed by people I know, even though I’m quite shy and timid.

My mom is Belle. When I was little she was sick at the other farm. Now she’s healthy and happy.

I’m playful and like attention, especially when I’m in my own room in the barn. I have the thickest most beautiful hair so I don’t like it when it is too hot!

I like it when Lynn comes to talk to me. She is very kind and funny.

Together with my friends I enjoy life on the farm and love eating lots of hay and cookies. I also need medicine for my hip dysplasia and the pain management program I’m on. Would you like to help me out with a donation of any kind? That would make us all so happy and we would be very grateful. 🙂

Meet my other friends


Hi, I’m Belle – the Gentle Protector


Hey, I’m Ethan – the Hugging Unicorn


Hi, I’m Cara – the Leader of the Pack


I’m Grady – the Playful Blond


Brody – also known as Chicklets


Cody was our handsome gentle giant

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