Bruce and Evan

The charming short haired boys

“Finally one day we got to meet each other
and it was best friends at first sight.”

We’ll be best friends forever …

Want to buy me
some corn or grain?

Hi, we are the charming short haired boys.

We were first rescued by The Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen New York before JP Farm Animal Sanctuary came to take us to our forever home. We were really sick and didn’t get to go outside until we were about three months old as we were in isolation until we got better. Finally one day we got to meet each other and it was best friends at first sight.

You’ll find us playing, eating and sleeping together as well as giving many kisses to each other. We enjoy roaming the fields and eating fresh grass and of course getting to know all the big cows and the pigs on the farm. So fun getting licks from Grady and smelling Ethan, he looks so strong.

We do love all the attention we get, and the long walks with Oscar. Stopping by the pig barn on our way back to the cow barn is always exciting as we sometimes get to try the piggies food. We are settling into our new home and hope we can go out with the big cows when we get old enough.

Meet my other friends


Hi, I’m Belle – the Gentle Protector


Hey, I’m Ethan – the Hugging Unicorn


Hi, I’m Cara – the Leader of the Pack


I’m Grady – the Playful Blond


Dolphin, Pink Girl


Brody – also known as Chicklets


Hi, I’m Tallulah aka ‘Rodeo’

Beanie Tofu

Beanie Tofu, the other Pink Girl


Hi, I’m DJ – Piggy Wiggy


Cody was our handsome gentle giant

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