“Sanctuary Wishes”

posted by Britt Janssen | Dec 22, 2023

A time to reflect on the wishes of those who often go unheard …

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As we navigate the festive season, let’s pause and reflect on the wishes of those who often go unheard—residents of farm animal sanctuaries and individuals facing human challenges. This message explores the silent desires of sanctuary animals for a life free from suffering, alongside acknowledging the parallel reality of human crisis situations. In the midst of holiday celebrations, let’s foster a spirit of compassion that transcends species and addresses the needs of both animals and people.

Allie connecting with a JP visitor.

Within the serene landscapes of farm animal sanctuaries, each resident carries a wish during the holiday season. These beings, survivors of animal agriculture, religious rituals and or neglect, long for a life unmarred by suffering, where compassion reigns, and the promise of a brighter future becomes a reality. As we cherish our festive traditions, it would be wonderful to extend our empathy to these often-overlooked members of our global community.

Imagine the heartfelt wish of a rescued cow, like our resident Allie, her eyes reflecting the journey from the horrors of factory farming to the sanctuary’s embrace. Her wish extends beyond personal freedom; it is a yearning for her fellow bovines to experience the same liberation, to graze freely under open skies, and to feel the warmth of human caregivers. The sanctuary becomes a haven where these wishes are not just dreams but reachable expressions of hope.

DJ and Beanie smiling together.

In tandem with the sanctuary’s hopes, let’s also acknowledge the human crisis situations that persist globally. Whether it be natural disasters, conflict zones, or economic struggles, countless individuals are facing hardship and uncertainty. This holiday season, it would be so great to recognize the interconnectedness of all lives and strive to extend our compassion to both human and non-human beings.

Pigs, like our residents DJ and Beanie, with their intelligence and social nature, share in the sanctuary’s wishes for joy and freedom for pigs in the system. Having avoided the confines of industrial farming, they yearn for others to enjoy expansive spaces where they can root in the earth, bask in the sunlight, and revel in the simple joys of companionship. The sanctuary becomes a place where their wishes transform into moments of contentment, and where the cries of others may be eliminated by compassionate choices made by us.

Simultaneously, we can acknowledge the human crisis situations that unfold, where individuals are grappling with the aftermath of natural disasters or seeking refuge from conflict. In these times, a simple wish for stability, safety, and compassion prevails. By acknowledging these shared desires between human and non-human entities, we can build bridges of understanding and support.

Blanche enjoying sanctuary.

This holiday season, let’s recognize the oneness of our world—where the wishes of sanctuary animals and the challenges faced by individuals in crisis converge. As we gather with loved ones, let our celebrations be marked by a spirit of compassion that transcends species and borders. Supporting farm animal sanctuaries through compassionate food choices, donations and volunteer efforts can contribute to fulfilling the wishes of these resilient beings. At the same time, extending empathy and assistance to individuals in crisis can bring hope to those facing difficult circumstances.

With love and peace,
Britt & The JP Farm Animal Sanctuary Family

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  1. Luke Terwilleger

    I love what you’re doing and would happily volunteer, my phone number is 475 313 2616. I have worked on a small dairy farm ( 45-50 cows ) and also a few different produce farms. I am a maintenance machinist by trade and can repair anything from lawnmowers to heavy machinery. 475 313 2616 is the best way to reach me.
    Thank You

    • Britt

      Hi Luke,
      Thank you for inquiring.
      We’ve been trying to reach you, please call 860-689-5954 or write to to arrange. We look forward to meeting you!


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