JP’s 5 Year Anniversary

posted by Lynn Printy | June 9, 2024
We want to celebrate our Sanctuary’s 5 year anniversary with you!

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Over seven years ago Oscar and I started to create a plan on how to rescue and care for farmed animals. We found land in the beautiful hills of Litchfield and knew it was the perfect spot to provide a home for animals in need.

Since 2019 we have rescued and been able to give a home to over 40 residents.

It took us several years to save enough money to prepare the land, to build barns, and put up fencing to house everyone safely.

Our plan was to create a space where people could connect to farmed animals, educate on factory farming and to provide resources to inspire people to change to a plant based diet.

Since 2019 we have rescued and been able to give a home to over 40 residents. Most of them we are honored to still care for while others have lived their lives as long as their bodies could handle.

We are a micro-sanctuary full of hope

We have met so many wonderful and kind people who have supported our mission as we settled in. And as we all know nothing is perfect, so after being here for a short period we encountered many obstacles, COVID-19 being the most prevalent. But we continued to build housing and fencing for our wonderful residents and work on rescue missions. We are grateful that we can take care of all the sentient beings at JP and so appreciative of our Community and work with other Sanctuaries! Without all of our supporters, caregivers and family, we know we could not have done it alone.

We have been able to rescue and provide housing for many beautiful beings, some from the dairy industry, some from the meat industry but all would have eventually gone to slaughter. We are a micro-sanctuary full of hope and have a strong commitment to bring about change for animal welfare and hope to inspire others.

My heart breaks every time I think about the billions of animals that are horribly treated as commodities. Our mission is to continue to educate and help those interested in making a difference for animals. Our “visitor events” have shown that interaction with the residents can change hearts.

So today we celebrate life for all the beings that have no voice and for those who are stepping up to help make effective change for farmed animals!

Your donation will be matched up to $5,000. We would love to meet and surpass this goal as we have more medicine, fencing, building and hay bills not to mention the continued inflation of the cost of goods and maintenance.

You can donate through this fundraiser link: or any method here:
Every dollar helps so much to care for the resident animals of JP!

Thank you for being our partner to inspire compassionate living.
With kindness, joy and peace,
Lynn and the JP Family ❤️ ☮️

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