Turkey talk with …
Ronald and Bernard

posted by Lynn & Britt | November 1, 2020

We are excited to introduce you to Ronald and Bernard, affectionately called Ronnie and Bernie and for short, R&B! There is always concern when we rescue farmed animals because we don’t always know what to expect.

T hey arrived in late September and since then we have watched and enjoyed seeing them get settled into their new forever home. We want to thank the Farm Sanctuary Adoption Network team for contacting us to potentially adopt these beautiful beings as their previous owners were no longer able to care for them.

Let’s welcome Ronnie & Bernie to the JP Farm Animal Sanctuary!

We heard their story and saw their picture and couldn’t say no. …

Oscar had been wanting to rescue turkeys for some time as their story is a tough one in the farmed animal production. An estimated 245 million turkeys raised and processed every year in the U.S. and have no federal legal protection. More than 46 million of them are processed each year at Thanksgiving alone, and more than 22 million at Christmas according to PETA. Ronnie and Bernie will never have to worry about those statistics as they will live out their lives with loads of love here at JP Farm Animal Sanctuary.

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“More than 46 million turkeys are processed each year at Thanksgiving alone, and more than 22 million at Christmas according to PETA. …

Bernard is a beautiful soft black turkey who can be shy but when it comes to food he opens up and will eat right out of your hand! He also talks a lot in a sweet voice and since we are getting to know him, we are trying to figure out exactly what he is saying.

Ronald on the other hand opens his beautiful brown and off white feathers for viewing. When you sit with him he slowly dances around you till he gets really close. Then he will let you rub his keel (his tummy) for a bit. His head turns many colors, more than Bernard, this usually demonstrates his mood.

The day R&B arrived, transported by Farm Sanctuary caregivers. ?

We were concerned as it is hard to home two male turkeys but these two boys have been together for a while and really love each other, they are inseparable. They like to explore their new surroundings and listen to the pigs make some very loud and strange noises. In fact now the turkeys & pigs mingle together sometimes. We are slowly introducing them to the cows as well!

It is through their story that we want to share that all animals want to live and deserve the space, friendship and love that we all desire.

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Love to All Beings,
Britt, Lynn, Oscar & the JP Farm Animal Sanctuary Family

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  1. philip j bruno

    A wonder-filled time with animals and their compassionate human friends. Beautiful setting to see a group of people giving their time and energy to save neglected animals and give them a caring environment and long life.


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