Meet Bruce and Evan

by Lynn Printy | May 19, 2020

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W e are thrilled to share with you that we have two new residents, Bruce and Evan, through our relationship with the Farm Sanctuary’s Farm Animal Adoption Network. We have worked with them for the past year and were also introduced to Tallulah, our Scottish Highland cow who was rescued from a neglect case and DJ our pig who came from a college agricultural program.

Evan and Bruce ❤

We had the chance again to work with the Farm Sanctuary to adopt Bruce who was from a meat farm and Evan who came from the dairy industry. Both would have ended up on someone’s plate if they had not been rescued.

… they knew something was up

We were able to go to the Farm Sanctuary on the first of May to pick up Evan and Bruce and yes we all practiced social distancing, wearing masks and gloves. When we first met them they were outside playing and mooing, they knew something was up. They are so small, as I rubbed them I found that their hair was soft and they were such a delight to watch. They are curious and you can see they like to be around people. After we introduced ourselves to them the staff from the Farm Sanctuary easily got them into the trailer, they were locked in and we started our journey home.

With the crew at Farm Sanctuary

Bruce is part Scottish Highland and Angus mix, reddish in color with beautiful long eyelashes. Very easy going and loves to butt heads with Bruce. Evan is smart and very curious. His eyes are bright and big with an amazing sense of wonder when you look into them. The two boys really love being with each other and are inseparable. Bruce follows Evan and does whatever he does. They have started to run in the fields, try to smell and lick the other cows through the dividers, it really seems like they have settled into their new home. They are getting to know the other cows safely in the barn so when we finally let them all out in the fields together it should be an easy transition for everyone.We are happy to say that Bruce and Evan are now at their forever home.

Our mission is to help make an impact for animals by educating people on animal exploitation and to stop the inhumane treatment and killing of literally billions of animals a year.

We look forward to helping people find alternative food choices, by sharing plant based recipes and making kind food choices. And of course making connections with these beautiful living creatures that also just want to live their lives.

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Love to All Beings,
Lynn, Oscar & the JP Farm Animal Sanctuary Family

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  1. Isabella Griffin

    I would love to get your news letter and come visit the farm with my family. We live in nearby Wilton CT and aspire to adopt a farm animal someday. I heard about you from Ami at G-Zen

    • Britt

      Hi Isabella,

      Thank you so much for reaching out. We would love for you to visit. I replied to your email last week with my contact details to set up a visit. Please write or call anytime for us to schedule a date!

      With Kindness,


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