All you need is Love (and Food) ?

by Britt Janssen | Feb 14, 2020

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H ere at JP Farm Animal Sanctuary, we love each other and would like to share that love with you too! Would you like to be our Valentine? Perhaps you need a little insight first.

This is our love story, narrated by me, Cara (I’m the ‘cow-licker’ and have cute little horns and beautiful long black hair, that is how our humans describe me).

When we were little, our previous farmer man was surrendering Belle and her baby Brody to Oscar and Lynn, our human parents, as Belle was sickly and of no use to him. He told them that they might as well take me and my baby, Cody, too because Belle and I were best friends! I am so grateful that he did and that Oscar & Lynn agreed. Well not only did he surrender us but also two neglected babies of different cows, Grady and Ethan. So the six of us went to our new forever home and experienced freedom and true love for the first time!

Me, Cara & my Son, Cody (R.I.P) ❤

“The way to the heart … ”

I bet you are wondering what I mean by that. Well not only did we feel all the affection from each other but also from the humans! They fell in love with us. They couldn’t stop talking to us (sometimes singing), hugging, kissing, brushing and feeding us the most yummy food! They gave us shelter and helped us regain good health but I have to say when they introduced all the yummy hay, grain, cookies and fresh apples to us, food that we had never had before, my heart was full! I talked with the rest of the cows and steers and they agreed that the human expression, “the way to the heart is through the stomach” is right on!

Me & Belle, Best Friends Forever ❤

So I bet you didn’t know that cows can have best friends? Well I didn’t know humans could have them either…but I have been observing and seeing all the love you folks can give one another too!

In fact I think we have many similarities: We all love chatting, eating together, laying near each other, licking with affection when needed (I guess you folks call it kissing), consoling one another when nervous, scared or sad (Belle & I both lost our sons to Hip Dysplasia), running around like teenagers when feeling frisky, going on sunny walks and always like being by each other’s side. Quite similar to you folks, I must say, wouldn’t you?

Super grateful for all the love…so it seems apropos to share the love…and back to the original question, would you like to be our Valentine?

Will you be our Valentine? ❤

If you said YES, Yay! No need for fancy flowers and gourmet chocolates or wining and dining us, we are pretty simple! Hugs and licks (kisses) are great as well as a bale of hay, some grain and a few cookies will do!

Go ahead and click that DONATE button and the humans will buy the yummy food for us all here at JP Farm Animal Sanctuary!

Love Cara on behalf of my cow, steer & piggy siblings:
Belle, Ethan, Grady, Tallulah, Beanie Tofu, Dolphin and DJ

Share the goodness, for goodness sake …. 😉


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