DJ has arrived on the JP Farm Animal Sanctuary

by Lynn Printy | Dec 24, 2019

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N ovember was a busy month and many changes happening at the Sanctuary. We were contacted by the National Placement Program Director from The Farm Sanctuary to see if we had space for a young pig named DJ.

He was rescued by a young man who went through a college agriculture program where students are assigned an animal to train, and once they have completed their required assignments the animals then go to auction to be killed! This does not seem to adhere to students who want to be vets or are in any type of animal care career. DJ was lucky to have a student that bonded with him as a living being and who was able to save him from such a terrible fate.

The first picture we saw of DJ before we adopted him.

“… All hands on deck!”

So it was time to prepare! All hands on deck to fix up a room for DJ’s arrival. We had to add new fencing as we wanted to separate him from the “Pink Girls” until they have time to get to know each other.

DJ playing with Dolphin ❤

He looked like he wanted to find out what was going on. He jumped out of the trailer, came up to smell us then went to look around at his new home.

Arrival Day

As we saw The Farm Sanctuary’s truck coming up the hill, we heard some noise coming from the trailer. Once parked and the trailer door opened, we saw this beautiful little pink pig. He looked like he wanted to find out what was going on. He jumped out of the trailer, came up to smell us then went to look around at his new home. We have found DJ to be very curious, smart, likes to run and jump and he loves attention from people. We have introduced him to Beanie Tofu and Dolphin, they seem to all get along but we have not left him alone with them quite yet since he is still young and a lot smaller than the girls. We are so happy that DJ will have a forever home here with us at JP Farm Animal Sanctuary.

DJ with Beanie Tofu & Dolphin ???

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Love to All Beings,
Lynn, Oscar and the JP Farm Animal Sanctuary Family

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    Thank you for helping the cows & piggies! For all the love & concern that goes into their care. Most importantly, recognizing that all life is sacred.

    • Britt

      Thank you Yvonne for kind message! We love them so much so it is an honor and pleasure to be able to care for them!


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