Haircuts while it’s hot!

by Lynn Printy | June 14, 2019

Summer has finally arrived and the beautiful weather here in the Northeast has been sensational. But as some of you may know, cows do not like it really hot, especially our shaggy haired cows. Scottish Highland cows have a lot of hair and when it gets hot, it can stress them, so we take precautions to prevent anyone from not feeling healthy and happy.

They walk with an amazing sway

Belle and Cara’s hair is not really thick but can get tangled. Brody has very dense multi layered hair and Grady has curly hair that becomes knotted and tight to his skin. We started shaving them a few years back so that they could be more comfortable through the summer months. Oscar used to have to tie them up to shave them because they were afraid of the shaver but now they stand still and are ready when it is their turn because they know it is going to feel so good once he is done. And boy do they have different personalities when they are free from all that hair and heat, they walk with an amazing sway.

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Check out some of the pics & video we have and see the difference in them shaved and unshaven.

Caring each day for these creatures is a joy and we are happy to share our experiences with you.

Love Cows,

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