“I couldn’t believe my luck!”

by Jenny Chambers | October 19, 2019

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H aving heard about JP through a friend, I really wanted to show support for a local sanctuary so I messaged them about possibly volunteering. They promptly replied and before I knew it, I was on the phone to Britt. What I had expected to be a brief call about arranging a volunteer day, turned into a considerably longer conversation about various things pertaining to who we are and what we’re about. After the call and before I had even met her in person, I felt like I’d known Britt for years.

Jenny has recently joined our team of caregivers at the farm.

Flash forward to my arrival, I was blown away by JP’s staggering beauty and oddly overwhelmed by my immediate feeling of belonging. As I’m taking it all in, I’m greeted by the biggest hug from Britt and the loudest welcome from the resident dogs, Ace and Oliver. I was immediately made to feel right at home.

It’s safe to say I instantly fell in love with JP

It was time for the tour – I was excited as I had never met Scottish Highland Cows before! In keeping with what I had already seen, the barn itself was beautiful. Britt introduced me to each of the fluffy personalities; Brody, Grady, Ethan, Tallulah, Belle and Cara. Even on first impressions, I could tell how different they all were from one another but the one thing they all had in common was their hair. In true Highland cow fashion, their long, flowing locks put my hair to shame! They were just beautiful. Britt was sure to tell me exactly how to keep myself safe whilst in the presence of such large animals and avoid any accidental head butts with their massive horns, which made me feel comfortable enough to interact with the herd but cautious enough not to get myself into any trouble!

It’s safe to say I instantly fell in love with JP, its residents and the compassionate crew who work so hard to provide an idyllic life for these precious animals.

Over the next few weeks, resisting the urge to just pack up my suitcase and move right in, I took what I could get and visited once a week to help out. I got to meet Lynn and Oscar, the founders of JP, and they were every bit as welcoming as Britt had been. What struck me most was the unshakeable love they all had for both each other and the animals in their care. They all knew every little quirk of each of the cows and were so excited to share their stories.

Not long after I started volunteering, one of their trusted employees was moving on, leaving an opening for a new crew member. Obviously, I knew it had to be me and I immediately put my name in the hat but there were concerns… I lived over an hour away and in certain seasons, getting there might cause a problem in my tiny car and I already had a full time job. Staring this amazing opportunity in the eye, I wasn’t going to go down without a fight. The commute, the car, the potential pay cut – none of that was going to deter me from doing whatever I could to become a part of this amazing sanctuary family. All I had to do was convince Lynn, Oscar and Britt that I wouldn’t let them down and after much deliberation, they finally all agreed to give me a shot and I couldn’t believe my luck!

As I counted down the days until I started, I was in constant contact with Britt. She would tell me exactly what I could expect from the job, whilst preparing me for the unexpected too. By this time, they had taken in 2 pigs, Dolphin and Beanie Tofu. Everyone was buzzing at the thought of getting to know these sweet souls and I couldn’t wait to get to know them either! They had prepared for months, building a pig barn from scratch and learning all there is to know about taking the best care of pigs. The sheer dedication and everyone’s instantaneous feeling of love for these pigs would make it hard for anyone to not want to be a part of this journey.

I am so in awe of what this family have built together and I cannot wait to continue to grow with them, learn from them and share in the ultimate beauty that is JP Farm Animal Sanctuary.

The sheer dedication and everyone’s instantaneous feeling of love for these pigs would make it hard for anyone to not want to be a part of this journey.

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Love from the farm,

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