Rest in peace sweet Brody ❤️

by Lynn Printy | Nov 17, 2019

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O scar and I wanted to let you know that we lost our beautiful furry boy Brody on October 31st. He was an amazing strong steer who wanted to live but his body could no longer hold him up. He was the sweetest cow who loved attention, being brushed and hand fed. Oscar met him when he was just a day old, very tiny and furry.

When he was a baby he would run around and get all the other cows excited to play, that memory will be in our hearts forever.

The night he passed, he was surrounded by family and friends as we said goodbye, I believe he felt the love we all shared for him. He was buried at our Sanctuary this morning next to Cody, his brother, where they both look at the house and the barn. We will miss him dearly and will continue to watch over him and Cody as well as the rest of our family here at JP Farm Animal Sanctuary.

These past few weeks have been one of reflection.

“… Brody was a playful little cow”

When you lose an animal you love, it takes time to process your feelings and to let go. You don’t want to let go because you don’t want it to be true, as your heart is broken.

Brody was a playful little cow, he arrived at our home in Newtown the week of Thanksgiving 2013, with the rest of the “Hippy Kids”. We had so much to be grateful for that year and the six years that have passed so quickly. It was our joy and honor that we were able to take care of him during that period. He would be the first to start running and butt heads with the other cows. His hair was thick and wavy, so it made him look much bigger than he really was. He adored when people paid attention to him, especially if they gave him cookies and soft rubs. We all loved spending time with him, just sitting in his room on the hay and talking with him gently. When I brushed him as I do all the cows, I would tell him how beautiful he was, and then when I would stop brushing him, he would give me a look like “What, are you really done??” So, I would continue to brush him a bit longer.

He adored when people paid attention to him, especially if they gave him cookies and soft rubs. We all loved spending time with him, just sitting in his room on the hay and talking with him gently.

Unfortunately, in an industry where cows are bred for meat there is no conscious thinking of how these animals will live their lives, will they suffer, will they miss their family, will they feel any pain or suffering. There are literally billions of animals a year that are slaughtered globally for people’s consumption. I don’t think it will change in my lifetime, but I do believe that Brody represents hope for change.

I know I ate meat as I was brought up that way and it took me awhile to realize that this is not what I want to do any more, I don’t want to cause any pain to these beautiful creatures that deserve to live a full life. That is why we will continue to build JP Farm Animal Sanctuary and rescue farm animals in need of homes and help people who are interested in transitioning to plant based foods. We want to provide other animals a place like we did Brody, where he had no fear, he was gently brushed and hand fed when he didn’t feel well, he was part of our family. Brody was an amazing cow and I hope we gave him the best cow life possible.

With Love for Cows and all Creatures on this planet,

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  1. Eva

    To Lynn and everyone at JP. The love and care you tenderly gave to Brody truly warmed my heart. He won’t be forgotten and your mission only gets stronger … thank you ❤️

  2. Britt

    Thank you Eva! We miss Brody so much, indeed he will not be forgotten. He was loved and will continue to be loved in our hearts. Thank you for being so kind to him.

  3. Suzanne

    I’m sorry for your loss. It’s so heartbreaking to lose a furry loved one. So glad I was able to meet that boy. Rest in peace little boy

    • Britt

      Thank you you Suzanne! We’re so happy you got to meet him too. He was such a love and he will be forever in our hearts! ?


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Poem for Brody

My twisted legs are just a sign,
Of the twisted life I left behind.

Don’t pity me when I gasp for air,
Just love me still and brush my hair.

Look at me like all the others,
I’m still dancing inside with my sisters and brothers.

So maybe when you come and see me,
You’ll remember how I used to be.

— by Eva Gonzalez

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