Spring, mud & hips…oh my!

by Lynn Printy | May 24, 2019

Spring has arrived and everything is beginning to blossom, which makes all the furry residents at JP Farm Animal Sanctuary happy!! We have been living with a lot of mud because of so much rain and I have to say the mud has been more overwhelming than I ever imagined.

We finally completed the fencing

As some of you know Brody and Grady have hip dysplasia and it is extremely hard for them to get around. With their weight they sink right into the mud and it is hard for them to move around easily in the pasture. We finally completed the fencing for the cows and yesterday as I was spreading grass seed and the sun was shining on all of us. It put a smile on my face knowing we will soon have grass for the cows to eat and roam on, a place where they feel free to be themselves. Please think about sponsoring one of our cows to help with their medical needs or buying hay to feed them, it is all beneficial help.

“As some of you know Brody and Grady have hip dysplasia and it is extremely hard for them to get around.”



  1. Marianne

    Ah, find the blog. Thank you Britt

    • Britt

      Yay, so happy you found it Marianne! ❤️? thank you for visiting!

  2. Rob

    Love those piggies! 😉


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