Summer lovin’ at JP Farm

by Britt Janssen | July 26, 2019

H oly Moly, it has been a wild ride at JP Farm Animal Sanctuary over the past few months. So much action going on and everyday is an adventure with the hippy kids, visitors, the pig barn and the farm doggies keeping us entertained!

Here are some sights and sounds from this summer so far.

The hippy kids (Scottish Highland cows & steers) have been inspiring us to make their barn and daily routine better. Oscar & Lynn hung up fans to keep the barn cool and lessen the amount of flies. The fly situation is crazy, as those flies love to hang out on the cow’s ankles and noses. So we have been researching fly potions. We’ve been using ‘Pyranha Zero Bite All Natural Fly Spray’ but wanted to try to make our own. Our friend Gina donated home-made remedies using ‘DoTerra’ oils which we’re still exploring. We’re open to more suggestions for the right mix as those flies can be ceaseless (if you have a suggestion, please write us).

Aside from the fans to keep cool, Oscar gave haircuts to Brody, Grady, Ethan and Belle and what a difference that made! We also try to hose down all of their feet as often as we can. Scottish Highland cows are used to colder temperatures so keeping them cooler with water, hydration, shade and fans blowing is super helpful to keep them comfortable.

Our resident doggies: Oliver & Ace; new lettering for our truck
and t-shirts for staff and donors!!!

Tallulah, our newest resident at the farm, received her own fenced in area so that she can roam free while we are trying to integrate her with the original herd. She is super enthusiastic and the others still need to get used to the way she moves (which is a bit faster than they move)! She and the others do like to eat hay together so there is progress! As for her own integration with the humans, she went from ‘Shy to Hi’ with us. She absolutely loves to be brushed and hugged. We think she is pretty smart and shows us by opening the cookie bin on her own (we actually have a lock on it now! 😉

The pig barn ground-breaking was just one month ago when the first dig began. We are literally completing the structure frame today, thanks to Oscar’s direction, and the rest will be completed within a few weeks (it takes a little longer with full time jobs and doing the building ourselves, which is pretty cool in itself! Who knew we are builders too!). It was too crazy that during this building we had a heat wave as well so we became a little loopy in the sun. That was ok because we had good tunes and did a little silly dancing in between cutting and nailing wood together. We simply can’t wait for ‘Tofu-Beanie’ & ‘Dolphin’ (the female piggies) to join JP Farm.

We simply can’t wait for ‘Tofu-Beanie’ & ‘Dolphin’ to join JP Farm.

People are also becoming interested in JP Farm Animal Sanctuary whether it is through our own circles, on social media, website or strangers stopping us when we get out of our truck that we just had branded and or see our new t-shirts (we’d like to start selling t-shirts in the near future, let us know if you’d be interested by emailing us at We love that people are contacting us to visit, volunteer and learn more about the animals and the farm. It’s so much fun and humbling to share the lives of these beautiful beings. And we couldn’t do it without support. Thank you so much for those who help us daily, from afar and or on the internet.

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PS: We are giving away JP Farm T-shirts to the first 5 people who donate $25 or more!!!

With loads of kindness and summer lovin’,

JP Farm Animal Sanctuary is a nonprofit, tax-exempt
501(c)(3) corporation (EIN 83-1674833)



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JP Farm Animal Sanctuary is a nonprofit, tax-exempt
501(c)(3) corporation (EIN 83-1674833)

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