The arrival of Tallulah! …

by Lynn Printy | April 23, 2019

This past week we were privileged to have a six year old Scottish Highland cow come to live with us. She was rescued by The Farm Sanctuary out of Watkins Glen, NY. We worked with them through their adoption program.

Tallulah was among 15-16 Scottish Highlands who were part of a cruelty case. Four of the cattle escaped onto the highway and were shot by police. Another organization, Lollypop took in the survivors and placed them in adoptive and foster homes. Tallulah had a calf with her when she was rescued, but they placed the calf and moved Tallulah and another cow to the Finger Lakes Livestock Exchanged to be fostered. There another cow died suddenly. Worried that she was not receiving proper care Joanna from Lollypop asked if The Farm Sanctuary could take her and they did.

Good Friday at 11:30 am

Tallulah arrived on a Friday. We were so excited getting her room ready with hay, water and a delicious mineral lick. It was about 11:30 am when we saw the transport truck and trailer winding up our driveway. As the driver pulled in close to our house he stopped to talk with us. We met Phil and Chris from The Farm Sanctuary, they had just driven over five hours to get her here. As I walked to the back of the truck and peeked in the trailer I saw this little cow. She has big brown eyes that are adorable. We couldn’t wait to get her out and let her move into her new home.

“As she settled into her room she was keenly alert to everything going on. Her room was next to Belle’s, who we purposely placed her next to as she is calm and sweet.”

We let each of the cows out of their rooms in the barn to “meet” her. Her interactions were good with all the cows and even a little more chummy with Grady. He really liked smelling her between the gate and maybe even got a little kiss.

Yesterday we found that she has taken to the “cookies” (horse treats) we give the cows each day and really likes her mineral lick. She actually will follow us now to see if we have more cookies in our hands. She hasn’t let us rub her yet but of course we will give her time to settle in.



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