The Cow Whisperer

by Lynn Printy | June 7, 2019

Tallulah has been with us for almost two months. She is a wonderful cow that loves attention, she has especially grown fond of being brushed. When she first arrived she was matted with dreadlocks and afraid, but has transformed and is now happy to be with others of her kind. Check out some of the videos we have posted of her transformation.

She and the other cows get greeted each morning with a big “Hello” and a smile. First everyone is checked to see how they did during the night as we do have a couple of cows, Brody and Grady who have issues getting up from having hip dysplasia.

Hay, apple and oat cookies

They then get second cutting hay, apple and oat cookies, freshwater and their rooms mucked. Once everyone has finished their cookies we let Tallulah out so she can roam the barn and go to visit each of the cows. This way everyone is safe and feels protected and still capable of eating privately in their stalls. Tallulah will go by and some of the cows will try to give each other licks, but Cara is still a little afraid of her. Tallulah moves with a faster pace and an energy that our current cows don’t have. You have to know that Cara, Belle, Grady, Ethan and Brody have been together all of their lives, so they have their own way of moving and interacting. There is a hierarchy in the cow world, Ethan is clearly the leader of the herd but Cara is like the Queen, everyone moves out of her way. She is sweet, kind and saunters as she moves so we will continue to monitor her and Tallulah’s interactions.

“Oscar, we call him “The Cow Whisperer” has been walking around with Tallulah on a harness so she can integrate into the herd and see how they interact.”

Tallulah is getting brushed by Oscar.

She is rambunctious and seems to like to butt the other cows which they don’t like. They move in a much slower way and cows all have their own personalities. They will learn how to cooperate but it may take some time. Oscar will continue his routine walking with her, as she is very sweet and loves to be around humans as well.

We are happy to have rescued our newest resident, she is healthy and full of life!

Love Cows,



  1. Shelley

    Oscar, I’ve heard you called a few choice names , but never The Cow Whisperer !!! Lol ?

    • Britt

      Shelley! Thanks for noticing he has gained a new title! (He wouldn’t call himself the Cow Whisperer but all if us know he is…can’t wait for you to check him out in action! ?

  2. Eva

    Can’t wait to meet all the cows!

    • Britt

      Hi Eva, the cows also can’t wait to meet you! ?


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