Update on Gemma & Essie

by Lynn Printy | Mar 28, 2020

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I t is with a heavy heart to finally report that the arrival of Gemma and Essie, Brown Swiss Cows has been terminated. Unfortunately the original caretakers have changed their mind and no longer want to surrender these cows to JP Farm Animal Sanctuary so that they can continue to use both in the production of milk for human consumption.

Gemma and Essie ❤

We are grateful to The Farm Sanctuary’s Adoption Program, for trying to help provide them with a forever home, even though it didn’t work out. The compassion and dedication was inspiring. We thank Ashley Pankratz, National Placement Program Manager of The Farm Sanctuary for all the work she did to try to coordinate this rescue. We were truly looking forward to welcoming them to a life without harm and can only pray that their current caretakers will be kind to Gemma and Essie.

This was and still is their story:

Gemma was used for milking but became very sick and lost one of her teats. You can imagine how much pain she must have endured. Since she was unable to provide milk to her owners they no longer wanted to keep her. One of her caretakers did not want her to go to the butcher so reached out to The Farm Sanctuary for assistance who then contacted us.

We all wanted to save Gemma as she is a very beautiful sweet cow but then we heard she had a calf. At that point we were upset because we did not want to separate Gemma from her baby Essie. We immediately inquired about taking Essie as well as Gemma since she is still too young for milk production. The communication between all the groups took quite some time but our commitment to keep Gemma and Essie together was strong and we wanted the outcome to be positive.

Our mission is to help educate people on alternative options to meat and dairy so we suggested sending Gemma’s current owners plant based milks to try instead of dairy. Finally it was agreed upon that JP Farm Animal Sanctuary would take home Gemma and Essie and also send plant based milk to their current owners to try.

Gemma & Essie

As we are in the world of sanctuary life, we understand the stories of all the animals we come in contact with can be heartbreaking as well as inspiring.

Let’s remember each one of their stories and continue to share them so that we will never forget they are sentient beings that have feelings, family and want to live just like us.

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Love all Beings,
Lynn and Oscar

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