Volunteers, a great gift to be thankful for!

by Lynn Printy | August 23, 2019

O ur passion is to help animals that have no way of escaping the cruelty and harm that are done to millions of them each day on this planet. That is one of the reasons we started JP Farm Animal Sanctuary. We know we can’t rescue them all but would like to be able to help those that we can. We have also learned that it is hard to do everything on your own. Building barns and fences cost a lot of money as well as buying hay and grain. It takes time to manage a farm, always something to do!

There was such a great turnout of beautiful spirits!

We have seen other sanctuaries talk about volunteers and have gone to conferences to learn how to organize but you never know how things will work out. So when we planned our first volunteer day we really didn’t know what to expect. Were we going to get engaged people to come to our farm in Litchfield on a beautiful Summer day; when they could be going to the beach or having a picnic with family and friends. It was almost ten thirty and we started to see this caravan of cars coming up the driveway. We were so excited to meet everyone as they got out of their cars. We had professionals on hand, they brought tools, water and sunscreen and most of all a passion for saving animals. We had an amazing day as we started the fencing for the ‘Pink Girls’ and then we were able to clear two of the cow pasture from rocks and sticks so the cows could walk in the fields much easier. As some of you know Brody and Grady have hip dysplasia so it is very difficult for them to walk and they can’t always lift their back legs to move over the rocks or sticks.

Smiles and kind faces in every direction ….

Meet and greet with the cows

There was a meet and greet with the cows and I think the ‘Hippy Kids’ enjoyed the attention. They probably would have liked more brushing but soft spoken words to tell them how beautiful they are is always special.

Making a connection 😀

Everyone brought something for the pot-luck lunch, we had a delicious variety of foods to choose from. All food was vegan, colorful and satisfying for the hard work everyone was doing. It is quite fun to share recipes that are easy, tasty and are made with kindness!

We had an amazing day as we started the fencing for the ‘Pink Girls’ and then we were able to clear two of the cow pasture from rocks and sticks so the cows could walk in the fields much easier.

Well then it was back to work for a few more hours and finish up the task at hand. Thanks to the kitchen crew who cleaned up and took care of the food and dishes. It was an amazing day getting to know new friends. Oscar and I want everyone to know how grateful we are for their generous offer to come and help us with our Sanctuary. The ‘Furry Kids’ are grateful too!

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Love cows, pigs and volunteers,

Share the goodness, for goodness sake …. 😉


  1. Maria Fiora

    I would like to find out about your volunteer days.

  2. Pati

    I’d like also to find out more about your volunteer days .


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